“Edwards’ Early Night: A Wink of Confidence as Wales Triumph Over Australia”

Rugby Legend Backs Former Team with Unwavering Certainty of Victory

France’s defense coach, Shaun Edwards, cheekily divulged that he confidently hit the hay early during the Wales vs. Australia match, utterly convinced of Warren Gatland’s squad clinching the victory in his Zzz’s.

Edwards, once the defense maestro for Wales, graced “The Good, The Bad, and The Rugby” podcast as this week’s distinguished guest. When quizzed by host Alex Payne about his viewing habits of other nations’ matches, he shared: “Wales vs. Australia. I tuned in for the first 50 minutes, but after Wales dotted down another try, I was certain of their victory.”

Wales triumphantly trampled Australia with a 40-6 scoreline, displaying a masterful performance under Gatland’s leadership. Edwards highlighted Nick Tompkins’ 49-minute try, courtesy of Gareth Anscombe’s impeccably placed chip that shattered the Wallaby defense.

“It was obviously a very, very late kick-off. The games only finish at 11 o’clock at night. I went to bed after that because I knew Wales were going to win.

In a jocular reveal, Edwards noted, “Given the exceptionally late kick-off, games wrap up around 11 at night. I retired to my bed post that try, assured of a Welsh win.”

Amplifying the thrill of Wales’ magnificent win over Australia, Edwards pinpointed a task for the northern hemisphere crews: to unfurl consistent prowess against heavyweights like New Zealand and South Africa, altering the World Cup narrative.

“I think a lot of the northern hemisphere teams are doing pretty good. But, we do have to continue with the good form because let’s be honest, normally someone from the southern hemisphere wins the World Cup.

“It’s up to us to pull our socks up and make sure that doesn’t happen this time.”

On Friday night in Lyon, Edwards will be crossing his fingers for his Les Bleus defense to deny Italy a try, concluding a very successful group stage before the quarter-finals.

A tantalizing Wales and France semi-final showdown could be on the horizon, assuming France reigns supreme in Pool A and both teams ace their quarter-finals.

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