Sam Warburton Predicts Wales Win!

How to predict this season’s Six Nations? It is going to be so tight, with England, Ireland and Wales the three main contenders for the title in my eyes. I had an interesting conversation with a fan the other day. He said he had tickets for both Wales versus Ireland and England against Scotland on the last weekend of the tournament, and could not decide which was going to be the best game to go to. And he was an England fan.

My reply? I told him if England beat Ireland on Saturday, then go for England versus Scotland. But if Ireland win, and Wales beat France in Paris on Friday, then Wales against Ireland could be a classic.

These are two huge matches and it will be hard for England to win in Dublin and I expect Ireland to win.

But you never know with England and they could just produce a performance that shocks everyone.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Wales were down at half-time in Paris but I think they will edge it by two or three points. That is not just my heart speaking.

Wales are too good now. France have a mental block against Wales at the moment. It is a hostile crowd but Wales will have no qualms about going there and doing a job. 

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Source – https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/paris-holds-no-fears-france-have-a-mental-block-against-wales-jlx2jllw9

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